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10 essential songs by Burna Boy



Burna Boy is finally becoming the life of the party with his music and here is a list of ten of his favourite songs that are essential to the status he currently holds.

Since his entry in the industry in 2011, Burna Boy has released three studio albums and three EPs and one thing that has been consistent with his career is his distinct sound.

There is none like Burna Boy , and it is no exaggeration to list him as one of the most gifted artists of his generation.

Recently, music followers on social media have made several calls for Burna to be accorded the recognition that his talent deserves, especially as the artist continues to take his music beyond our borders with his Life on the Outside tour .

His discography, either on his own songs or features is quite impressive, and mirroring it down to just 10 songs was one hard task, but as an acknowledgment of the good music he has blessed us with, we highlight 10 of Burna Boy’s most essential songs.

1. Ye

Burna Boy – Ye

Nigerians want a new national anthem and Ye is the leading choice to replace the existing one.

A hit when it was released, enjoys steady rotation at music festivals and concerts but has proved to be more popular and garner more online streams with the recent release of Kanye West’s eight album with the same title.

Ye is a wave and one that has caught both the young and the old.

2. Heaven’s Gate

Burna Boy – ‘Heaven’s Gate’ ft Lily Allen

The Outside album gave birth to a number of hits songs including the fourth single, Heaven’s Gate, which features British pop singer, Lily Allen .

Heaven’s Gate’s fast tempo is a departure from Burna Boy’s usual mid-tempo style and has a dancehall vibe that permeates the instrumental and Burna Boy’s vocals as he sings in patois.

Injected with Lilly Allen’s peculiar singing style, it is a fine blend of cockney vibes and Indian rhythm that gives the song a more diverse appeal.

3. Like to party

Burna Boy – Like to party

His 2012 debut album, L.I.F.E was key in building Burna Boy’s sound and one of the songs that provided the bricks is ‘Like to party’.

This was one of his early songs that drew attention to the brilliance of his music.

4. Don Gorgon

Burna Boy – Don Gorgon (Teaser)

Every super hero needs an alias, and with Don Gorgon, Burna Boy found one that befittingly describes his person and confirmed his versatility as an artist.

Don Gorgon became a fan’s favourite immediately it was released.

5. Soke

Burna Boy – ‘Soke’

The Afrobeat inspired joint remains one of Burna boy’s biggest single till date.

On Soke, his lyrics are reflective, talking about the state of the nation at the same time hinting at something deeper.

6. Firewood

Burna Boy – Firewood

If there is ever a song with lyrics that paints a picture of lovers seeking sexual gratification, this is it.

Firewood is one hazy tune that is top tier in song craft and execution, with his flow fitted to finnesse.

7. Run my Race

Burna Boy – Run My Race

Burna switches things up on ‘Run My Race’.

Carried by heavy melody, beats and a sprinkle of Afrobeat, Burna swaggers on this joint as he subtly warns that he is in a lane of his own.

8. Tonight (2012)

Burna Boy – Tonight

Another up-tempo joint, where Burna lightens things up.

What is there not to love in Tonight? This is groovy and fits easily in the play-list on a Friday night.

9. Pree Me

Burna Boy – Pree Me

Burna Boy has been caught in many controversies and on this joint, he takes time to address some of them, especially the friends who have become enemies.

”Enemies been on a mission, damn them imma do the most, see them multiply”

This is one of Burna’s most personal songs as he allows for an overwhelming of his feelings, even touching on the times he broke the law.

10. Rock your body

Burna Boy – Rock Your Body

This fairly deep cut has got some solid production matched by Burna Boy’ s flow.

He is on a lover boys’ tip as he captivates with his rapid fire style of delivery and intermittent chants.

Rock your body is a joint that envelopes you like a warm hug as it is crafted to perfection.

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