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5 parts of her to touch that will turn her on



There have been lots of disagreements between couple on how to do things rightly when your partner isn’t in the mood so that there’ll be mutual flow between both parties..

Getting a man ready is as easy as flipping a switch but it is the other way around for women.

To get a woman in the mood is a task, a challenge and you must be very careful

Below are five things and spots that’ll create the required spark to get her going. Touching these parts will also serve as a good way of foreplay.

  1. Ear lobe.

Tickling her earlobe is a good start. A lady always loves to be tickled smoothly at the right spot. And the earlobe happens to be a nice spot to start from. Once u start fondling, its sure to start up a spark.

2. Hair stroking.

Doing this rightly goes a long way at putting her on. It most times looks so meaningless to guys but its a right place to start.

3. Feet massage.

A lady might feel very tired and may not be willing to go the mile. But trying to relieve her of the stress with a massage would start up a cold generator.

4. Kiss on forehead.

This looks so irrelevant but doing this at the right time continuously, probably while she’s just lying down would create a spark.

5. Shoulder massage.

I call this a stress eradication strategy. U can get her started with this even if she’s had a long day. This shows her interest comes 1st.

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HELP! My Husband Doesn’t Suck My Nipples During S*x anymore



I am so depressed writing this to you, I have just been married for a year and our sxual life seems like it is crumbling. My husband suddenly stopped having sx with me, even on the days he will, he will just put his d*ck inside me and cum.

No romance, no foreplay, everything is just so bland. And I enjoy adventure in bed. I have tried so many times to ask him why the sudden change in his behaviour towards me, he said nothing that he is only tired.

I am s*xually frustrated, I don’t get turned on anymore, he doesn’t even suck my nipples when he is making love to me. What will I do, I am tired of enduring.

I am not even asking for much, just sx, ordinary sx he can’t offer, what if I start demanding for something very difficult, what will he do? What is the best approach to handle this, because I have just reconnected with my ex, I don’t want to do something stupid. 

The annoying thing is he enjoys s*x while we were dating, and the sudden change in his behaviour is very suspicious, I even think he is cheating. I am tired. 

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