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Getting pregnant unexpectedly can be daunting and challenging given the fact that you’re unprepared for such a significant responsibility. However, most ladies in such situations often resort to abortion as the only solution forgetting that abortion could result in complications detrimental to both mother and child.

Below are some of the facts about abortion that the doctor performing the procedure will never tell you. 

1. Abortion is not safe: Contrary to the belief that abortion is as simple as removing a wart, it is actually a very serious procedure that can have very serious results. The clinic personnel will lead you to believe that complications rarely arise, but that is not the case. Many women have been damaged for life as a result of their legal abortion. Your cervical muscle may be damaged in an abortion because the cervix is forcefully dilated. This means that your future pregnancies have a greater chance of resulting in miscarriage or premature delivery.

2. Abortion leaves emotional scars: Most often a woman will feel the consequences of her decision within days of her abortion. If they don’t appear immediately, they will appear as she gets older. Emotional scars include unexplained depression, a loss of the ability to get close to others, repressed emotions, a hardening of the spirit, thwarted maternal instincts (which may lead to child abuse or neglect later in life), intense feelings of guilt and thoughts of suicide.² Don’t be fooled —every abortion leaves emotional scars.

3. Abortion kills a baby: Before you even know you’re pregnant, your baby’s heart begins to beat. At six weeks brain waves are measurable and your baby moves and responds to touch. At eight weeks she is perfectly developed, with fingers and toes, even her own set of fingerprints. By ten weeks she can squint, swallow and suck her thumb. If you tickled her nose she would move her head away. By eleven to 12 weeks all body systems are present and working. All she needs to become a healthy newborn is time and nourishment. Nothing new develops after 12 weeks! What would you name her? Rebecca? Stephanie?

4. Abortion is violent:The most common method of abortion used in early pregnancy is suction aspiration. The cervix is forced open. A vacuum device 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner is used to suction out the “contents of the uterus.”

5. Abortion exploits women: 

The counselors at an abortion clinic will use obscure terms such as “product of conception,” “contents of the uterus,” and “fetal tissue” to refer to your baby. They will rarely advise you to carry your baby to term because they are operating for profit and they don’t want to lose your business. Essentially, they are making money off of your problem! The abortionist can make more money by doing abortions than a regular physician can through caring for a woman through a 9-month pregnancy. Are you going to be the poor girl who finances his next trip to Europe?

6. There are alternatives to abortion: There are many organizations that can offer you practical support such as maternity and baby clothes, a place to live, pre-natal care, and financial aid. Counseling is also available to help you through this traumatic time. Please think carefully about your future. The decision you make in the next few weeks will affect you for the rest of your life. If you’re unsure about having an abortion, take just one more day to think about it — don’t let anyone pressure you into a decision you’re not ready to make yet.

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Aau students beat up a fake Soldier man



In the early hours of today, two men in army camouflage reportedly went through hostels around the environs of abia harassing students and extorted money to the tune of #50,000.

In the Course of the raid, some students raised alarm which attracted the attention of by-passers who attempted to apprehend the “supposed soldiers” but one of them bolted.

Report have it that a call was immediately put across to the army barrack and soldiers were sent down to ascertain the identity of the man in question as the military is not known to engage in such heinous practices while it was ensured that the local vigilante kept the other criminal in their custody._

Due to the incident Activities in the area was temporally brought to a standstill as even local bike riders halted operation to see to the end of the matter. As expected, the passport on his Fake ID didn’t match his face which further confirmed suspicion that he was only parading as one. He was thereafter taken away by soldiers.

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