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Agents That Could Be The Cause Of Poor GPA Scores In University



Lifestyle on the university campus is not as same as that of Basic and senior high.

In the university, parents have just one expectation; that their wards step out with flying colours. However, the opposite always happens, just a few can be classified as First Class and Second Class students.

It can be very surprising how some students still don’t realize the cause of their poor academic performance until the final year.

Below are 6 agents that could be messing up student’s GPA;

1.  Relationship

The freedom on campus and zero restriction give students the opportunity to fall in love and be in love anytime.

As a result, a number of students develop the attention to focus on making their relationship work over making thing instead of their studies.

2.  Lack of motivation

One will hear a university student say, “I hate my course because that was not what I wanted to do”. Due to this, students lack the motivation to study and even perform better.

3.  Bad Friends

University is one of the largest community you will find yourself after Senior High. Due to space, one is likely to meet friends of various beliefs and lifestyle and the possibility of meeting and picking a bad friend is high.

“Bad friends corrupt good manners”

4.  Sex and the city

University is a big community has a city and a village. Students have enough freedom and parents with the assumption that they are matured to makes wise decisions only wait till the final year to realize their wards messed up.

Only the God-fearing and the unapproachable ladies get to leave campus intact.

5.  Alcohol

Most youths learnt how to drink and smoke weed while in Senior high while others learnt it at the University. All these illegal stuff end up influencing students performance academically and only a few aware of the fact.

6.  Stupidity

Its that simple, stupidity on the side of some students end up having its effect on their GPA.

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