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Name: Christian mega_ten

Nationality: Nigeria

DOB: Dec 10

Height: 6.6foot

Christian popularly known as MEGA TEN Studied at Ambrose alli University
Christian mega_Ten hails from Nigeria, had his college education at Edo college with B. A in philosophy at Ambrose Alli University, he is a basketball player, motivational speaker, and an activists for a positive change.

Mega Ten

Quote:” I see the light at the end of everything dark times”
“Respect the opinions of others no matter how uneducated they are”
“learn to make others comfortable when you have the power to do so”
“let your sincerity be at a top notch, no one enjoys been deceived”

During our interview with him he said ”Man desire so much that they forget to follow through the initial plan and stages of life, each one of us has the key to unlock so many things like the chambers of a king, I seen the totality of human it’s insatiable but despite that one gets to understand the real license to having happy beginnings and endings, wealth would never bring happiness if possible ask Jeff bezos or alinko dangote they cry too, they get sad too but work hard enough to say those words. Been happy and living a fulfilling life is a state of mind you have to accept that pain is normal so is happiness. Share love, be kind to people, give at your last, be brave enough for your throat to be slitted for the truth, always consider women and kids, they are not the weaker link Like alot of persons might have concluded. They were made to be taken care of. When everything go wrong say to yourself “I see the light” and follow the light as you have seen it. Lastly you must understand that the race of life is not to run into other people’s Track, you are in your own Lane learn to love where you are and where you are headed, take your share of the world and leave d rest. Lead the victory!

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Meet Anita Joseph, Nollywood Actress with the biggest butt



Anita Joseph is a Nollywood actress, dancer, television personality and a philanthropist. She was born on 4 th January, 1985 in Anambra State, Nigeria. She is currently 32 years old. Anita Joseph is an actress who hails from Anambra State in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

She completed both her primary and secondary education there, after which she moved to Lagos to search for work.

She was married traditionally to an average income earning businessman who was based in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. The marriage which could not produce any fruit of the womb after 3 years ended as the actress took a walk and moved on with life. She kicked-off her career as a dancer in one of the numerous clubs and hotels before settling in Lagos.

It is also gathered that this sexy sultry Nollywood actress has a 2years old son whom he called Michael. In 2005 she joined the Nigerian movie industry and in 2006 she rose to fame after acting in the movie “Tears in my Eyes” She has acted in over 80 movies which includes Tears in my Eyes, Open and Close, Sisters of Delilah, etc.

She has featured in many Nollywood movies and is popularly known for her beautiful curves and tattoos. She has won several awards such as most promising actress of the year at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Unarguably the sultry actress and singer have numerous times been rated as one of top Nollywood controversial actress.

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