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Don’t Keep Scores





You called him yesterday, so he is next to call you, you wake up missing him, you feel like hearing his voice, but instead, you are sitting there looking at your phone angrily and waiting for him to call.

You took her out last time, so it’s her turn to take you out.

You chatted her up last time, it’s his turn to chat you up next

You told him the last “I love you” so it’s now his turn, otherwise you won’t……

This is what we call keeping scores.




Keeping scores is immature and can lead to secret resentments, bitterness and the end of an otherwise good relationship.

Do things for your spouse when you feel/know you should, irrespective of who “did” last time.

Want them to reciprocate?.
Tell them.
Be patient.
Don’t nag.
Love them.

And let’s not forget to balance this.

Our spouses shouldn’t keep scores, we in the other hand should always reciprocate.

As a Rule, anything your spouse does for you, do the same for them.

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HELP! My Husband Doesn’t Suck My Nipples During S*x anymore



I am so depressed writing this to you, I have just been married for a year and our sxual life seems like it is crumbling. My husband suddenly stopped having sx with me, even on the days he will, he will just put his d*ck inside me and cum.

No romance, no foreplay, everything is just so bland. And I enjoy adventure in bed. I have tried so many times to ask him why the sudden change in his behaviour towards me, he said nothing that he is only tired.

I am s*xually frustrated, I don’t get turned on anymore, he doesn’t even suck my nipples when he is making love to me. What will I do, I am tired of enduring.

I am not even asking for much, just sx, ordinary sx he can’t offer, what if I start demanding for something very difficult, what will he do? What is the best approach to handle this, because I have just reconnected with my ex, I don’t want to do something stupid. 

The annoying thing is he enjoys s*x while we were dating, and the sudden change in his behaviour is very suspicious, I even think he is cheating. I am tired. 

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