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Foods To Avoid When On Your Period




For every woman who still goes through the monthly motions of menstruation, the biggest aim is to be at your most comfortable during those five days.

For some who do not experience any pain or discomfort in that period, this is pretty much an easy thing to achieve. But for those who already struggle with severe cramps, vomiting and other hurtful signals of menstruation, this might not be so easy to achieve.

To make your monthly flow less painful than it usually is, here are some foods you may want to avoid absolutely:

1. Dairy Products

According to HuffPost, eating dairy can actually trigger menstrual cramps because they usually contain arachidonic acids, which are cramp-inducing. Try swapping for oat, almond, or soy milk instead.

2. Refined Grains

While white rice, white flour, and white bread taste delicious, these types of foods don’t have that much nutrients left after the grain has been processed.

3. Fried stuff

Even though you may be craving fried food during your period, these foods can lead to bloating and stomach cramps as your body tries to process them.

4. Caffeinated Drinks

A period-tracking app called CLUE says drinking caffeinated substances can be linked to menstrual pains and cramps. Even if you are tired and weak, stay away from caffeinated drinks. Drinking them is counterproductive as they just leave you feeling more irritable, and in more discomfort.

5. Foods that make you feel ‘gassed up’

Some of the hormones responsible for menstruation cause water retention, and therefore bloating. Eating foods that usually cause a bloated or gassy feelings will only make things worse. These foods include frozen dinners, fast food, canned soups, and bacon.

6. Large Meals

Eating huge meals can create discomfort, amongst other issues. While you have your period, this can contribute to increased cramping, in addition to other unpleasant digestive issues.Sure enough, some would have their appetite for food ramped up during this time of the month, but it is better to be sure you are hungry before eating. And don’t gorge. Just eat enough to satisfy the hunger.

7. Alcohol

While alcohol can tastes good in moderation, the only thing worse than having cramps on your period is having cramps and a hangover. Plus, alcohol dehydrates you, which can lead to stomach troubles. Try to drink non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beverage instead.

8. Avoid High Carbohydrate Meals

Rather than foods high in carbohydrate, eat more proteinous stuff and add more vegetables and fruit like oranges to your diet to help lessen your PMS symptoms.

9. Processed Foods That Contain Unknown Ingredients

Introducing unknown substances into your digestive system is not something anyone good nutritionist or dietician will advise. Such advice becomes doubly important when you are on your period. The body at this time is already working overtime, best to not to add to this work if you can avoid irt.

10. Fatty food

According to Livestrong, foods with high fat can influence your hormones. Avoid foods made with fatty cuts of beef, whole-milk dairy products, and burgers.

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2 dead 17 hospitalized

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2 dead 17 hospitalized
2 dead 17 hospitalized

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