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FRAUD: PDP accuse Obaseki emptying states account



The Peoples Democratic Party in Edo State has urged its governorship aspirants to begin to brace up to the challenges of inheriting empty treasury after the party might have won the forthcoming elections.

It said Governor Obaseki has emptied the treasury through indebtedness.

State Chairman of the party, Chief Dan Orbih dared Governor Obaseki to declare the state of indebtendness the people of Edo

Chief Orbih who spoke at Fugar in Etsako Central Local government as part of continuation of the PDP sensitisation rally of its members ahead of the party primaries said Edo is the second most indebted state in Nigeria.

Orbih told the party governorship aspirants to prepare for hard times at government house because they are going to inherit empty treasury.

He said the party has talented and well qualified aspirants.

The Edo PDP chairman said the internal rumblings in the Edo APC was robbing the people the dividends of democracy.

“I want to challenge Governor Godwin Obaseki to disclose the state of indebtendness to the people of the state. Indebtendness at the time he took over power and as at today but somebody whispered to me that he has record to show that as at today Edo is the second most indebted state in Nigeria today.

“That is why am calling on all our governorship aspirants to be prepared for hard times because they are going to inherit an empty treasury. We must show that we have all it takes to turn around the economy of our state and we know with all the aspirants that we have the best is yet to come.

“The present governorship aspirants in the PDP are a crop of young men who have what it takes to rule this state.

But I want to use this occasion to send a very strong message to our governorship aspirants that as they prepare for the governorship primaries, they must put at the back of their minds that by the time PDP is back to government they are going to face a very serious problem because they are going to inherit an empty treasury.

“The APC instead of giving us good governance they are busy fighting and killing themselves. In this local government if you find any gathering like this, another faction will come to drive them away. We don’t need this kind of situation in our state and the only solution to put an end to this political peculiar mess is to vote PDP back to government.”

Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie could not be reached for comments as at press time.

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3 amazing things you need to know about OGBONO



Irvingia gabonensis

You will probably be wondering, what is this?

That is the scientific name for the condiment for the famous African delicacy: ogbono

Personally , I love this soup to the moon and back, it reminds me so much of my grandma. She actually taught me how to prepare this soup. Follow me if you want to find out my traditional recipe.

Apart from being a delicious soup condiment, the ogbono seeds and other parts of the tree have tremendous benefits. It is also known as biri by the Hausa, apon by the Yoruba, ogwi by the Benin, bush mango, dika bread tree etcetera. Funny enough, even though it is called a bush mango it is in no way similar to the mango fruit .

The ogbono tree is prevalent in wet and dry tropical areas. It is grown in farmlands, canopied bushes or gallery forests. .



   The Irvingia gabonensis fruit can be eaten as a fresh fruit. The pulp can be juiced and used for making jelly and smoothies. The seeds can be pressed for oil and the dried seeds can be used to prepare ogbono soup, chocolates ( interesting) and stew.


    Ngondi et el [ 2005] agrees that the ogbono seed is capable of reducing glucose levels in obese patients and study has also validated that the extracts from the leaf and barks of the Irvingia gabonensis tree has more antidiabetic activity than the ethanolic extracts.


    Study has shown that obese patients who were given Irvingia gabonensis had a significant decrease in cholesterol making ogbono suitable for its regulation.


   You say whaaaaaat, I love this particular benefit. Study on the African mango has shown that it suppresses hunger and helps to minimize food intake.

5] DYE

   The juicy fruit pulp, not only is it just edible but can also be used to produce black dye for materials and shoes. The roots and barks of the tree also contain tannin, which is also suitable for dyeing.

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