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Great sex positions you should try



Laura Whitaker – Senior Manager at Ann Summers – says: “If the thought of trying something different in the bedroom is giving you a ‘nice rise’, these positions are the ideal way to whisk things up a little and experience pleasure so intense it’ll leave your partner handing you a ‘Hollywood Handshake.'”

So, which one will you be trying in next week’s advert break?

The Showstopper

This position involves your partner lying down with their feet on the floor, while you climb on top – facing away – and squat down.

Having complete control over penetration means you’re in charge of the pleasure for both of you.

This means you can make your session last for as long as you want, leading to a truly “showstopping” finish.

Even Bake

Have your partner lay upside down on the sofa, with their back and head on the seat and their legs draped over the back.

Climb over them, kneel either side of their head and face the back of the couch.

Once in position, simply bend forward and have fun.

Star Baker

For this move, lie on your back with one leg stretched out and the other bent upwards.

Your partner then slides between your legs and pushes one of their own legs underneath, raising your hips in the process.

Your partner can lean back on their hands to increase stability.

Once you’re both in place, the shape of your bodies will resemble a star.

The Technical Challenge

No Bake Off-themed session would be complete without a technical challenge to test your skills.

Sit down facing your partner and wrap your legs around their waist, before they wrap one of their legs around your waist.

You can use your hands for balance, while they can use their elbows.

This position is a tough one to master, but like any technical, it’s well worth the effort.

Meanwhile, couples are loving the G-Whizz sex position – and, ladies, it helps target your G-spot.

And sex is more enjoyable for both partners the older you get , a study has found.

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HELP! My Husband Doesn’t Suck My Nipples During S*x anymore



I am so depressed writing this to you, I have just been married for a year and our sxual life seems like it is crumbling. My husband suddenly stopped having sx with me, even on the days he will, he will just put his d*ck inside me and cum.

No romance, no foreplay, everything is just so bland. And I enjoy adventure in bed. I have tried so many times to ask him why the sudden change in his behaviour towards me, he said nothing that he is only tired.

I am s*xually frustrated, I don’t get turned on anymore, he doesn’t even suck my nipples when he is making love to me. What will I do, I am tired of enduring.

I am not even asking for much, just sx, ordinary sx he can’t offer, what if I start demanding for something very difficult, what will he do? What is the best approach to handle this, because I have just reconnected with my ex, I don’t want to do something stupid. 

The annoying thing is he enjoys s*x while we were dating, and the sudden change in his behaviour is very suspicious, I even think he is cheating. I am tired. 

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