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The Himba people who are also regarded as the Omuhimba or Ovahimba people are indigenous people of Namibia living in northern part of Namibia especially in the Kunene region. Their numbers are big enough to form a city-state.

What makes this tribe so popular has to do with their way of living, clothing, economy, and interesting customs. One of the grapevines is that they offer guests sex for free and another point is that they adorned every newborn baby with bead necklaces. But there are other interesting facts about them.

Just like the Japanese who lived in isolation for much of their history under the Tokugawa Shogunate, the Himba people practically live in seclusion and are wary of external contacts. Although they engage in cooperation with neighbouring tribes; they would resist any form of contamination to their beliefs and culture. This is quite curious in a nuclear age.

The Himba people are predominantly farmers. They raise different breeds of livestock especially goats, cattle, sheep, etc. The women are largely preoccupied with collecting firewood, sourcing for fresh water for consumption, cooking and serving meals and engaging in other forms of artisanship.

Some of them are socially inclined and religious, worshipping the gods of their ancestors. The Himba people believed in polygamy and many of their young girls married off at an early age. This is not peculiar to them as most traditional

African tribes still practice this custom.
It is not the case however that they don’t bath even if it’s not with water. One of the reasons why the Himba people don’t bath with water is because of their harsh climatic conditions as they live in one of the most extreme environments on earth. The harsh desert climate and the unavailability of portable water prevent them from having a ‘normal’ water bath. Yet, they looked extremely pretty with their traditional clothes, some of which exposed their bodies especially the women. Their lack of bathing however has not resulted into lack of personal hygiene as they apply red ochre on their skin and partake in a daily smoke bath in order to maintain their hygiene.

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Don’t Keep Scores





You called him yesterday, so he is next to call you, you wake up missing him, you feel like hearing his voice, but instead, you are sitting there looking at your phone angrily and waiting for him to call.

You took her out last time, so it’s her turn to take you out.

You chatted her up last time, it’s his turn to chat you up next

You told him the last “I love you” so it’s now his turn, otherwise you won’t……

This is what we call keeping scores.




Keeping scores is immature and can lead to secret resentments, bitterness and the end of an otherwise good relationship.

Do things for your spouse when you feel/know you should, irrespective of who “did” last time.

Want them to reciprocate?.
Tell them.
Be patient.
Don’t nag.
Love them.

And let’s not forget to balance this.

Our spouses shouldn’t keep scores, we in the other hand should always reciprocate.

As a Rule, anything your spouse does for you, do the same for them.

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