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Man Finds Out 2 Of His Kids Are For His Family Doctor, What Should He Do?




Popular Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman took to Twitter to ask for people’s opinions as he narrated the story of a man who recently found out he isn’t the biological father of two of his kids.

The popular pastor tweeted: “A man suddenly found out his 5 kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

Below are some of the reactions he received.

Raising kids doesn’t mean they have to be yours,if he has grown to love them he can aswel decide to keep them it isn’t their fault at all,concerning the marriage!!!

God hates divorce yes, but the decision is entirely up to him whether to keep his marriage or send her awayI’ll visit a custody lawyer to find out what I can do to keep the kids. With all the love shared… it will be extremely difficult to let go. how do I live without them, where do I start from. I rather bear the pain and fight for ways to keep this children.

He should return the kids to their father then find a way to resolve issues with his wife. Divorce is not allowed.

Divorce the wife, that betrayal is too much to bear then if the kids are old enough they would know who their real father is but still stay with the man who raised them as his own.

A father is not only a biological father, secondly, the kids are innocent here. He is their father already and should continue showing them love. Secondly, he should weigh his options if he can actually forgive her or not. Love forgives all wrongs but if he can’t, divorce her

Send the wife away and retain the kids. If he can find a way to overlook the adultery of the wife like prophet Hosea then he can continue the relationship.

Divorce is not the best, I know how hurt it will be and how it feels. I think since he has invested much on the children both money and parental care invest, he should keep them, forgive the wife if she apologize and move on with life. No easy but he will find happiness after dis

What are your thoughts on this?

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