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Press Statement

Our attention has been drawn to allegations of fraud regarding the students’ insurance scheme operated by the students’ union government.

While we welcome accountability, freedom of expression and constructive criticism, We wish to set the record straight and clarify all assumptions.

Firstly, we wish to state that the Insurance scheme in itself, is under the university management and not solely an SUG affair.

We therefore further state on record the following:
1. That prior to the our assumption of office on the 9th day of September 2019, the students’ union government had operated an insurance scheme with Capital express insurance ltd.

2. The said insurance scheme required all students to pay the sum of N500(five hundred naira only) as premium under this scheme. Further more, the agreement provides that all students victims who suffer accidents, permanent disability and death are entitled by reason of the insurance to the sum of N50,000(fifty thousand Naira only), N300,000(three hundred thousand naira), and N300,000(three hundred thousand naira) respectively. And in the case of death the said sum was to be paid to the next of kin.

3. The said insurance scheme expired on the 20th day of December 2018. At this time, there was no lawfully elected government in the leadership of the SUG. What we had at the time, was the Elecom and at this same time Prof. Don Akhilome was the Dean of Students.

4. It is common sense that the Elecom therefore was not a government neither was it empowered to act as one. Worthy of note is the fact that this Elecom had the Dean of student’s; _Prof. Don
as its chairman.

5. In spite of the above the Elecom was allowed to sign a five year extension of the insurance contract, under the watch, supervision and active participation of same Prof. Don Ahkilome.

This they did without a review of the contract nor an examination. or overhaul of its performance, terms, or benefits to the students. It therefore begs the question, was the insurance scheme in a actual fact for the students benefits? Or for the benefits of some microscopic few seated at the leadership of the Elecom?

6. The insurance scheme in question prior to its expiration in December 2018, had a clause in the contract, which required the Insurance company to remit 5% of the entire premium for each session to the SUG account.

The said sum for the previous sessions totalling the sum of N1,800,000(One Million and Eight Hundred Thousand Naira only) was remitted and paid into the SUG account prior to the SUG general elections which brought this government into power.

7. Surprisingly, upon assumption of office that money was no where too be found. As it had been withdrawn by the Elecom under the watch of Prof. Don Akhilome who claimed same was for thee maintenance of App for the up-coming SUG election.

Whereas, we were reliably informed by the ICT unit of the university, that the University management had funded the election, and not the Elecom. Further more, they(the ICT) had no knowledge of the money in question.

8. We also wish to state categorically that throughout the pendency and existence of the prior insurance contract under the watch of the Elecom and Prof. Don Ahkilome, there was no record of any benefits paid to any student who died, had an accident or suffered permanent disability during the period in question. It is then obvious that the insurance was just dormant, failing to pay benefits when needed. For clarity, the students affairs office has no record as the former dean of students; Prof. Don Akhilome left no documents to this effect as there was non in the first place.

Now therefore, upon assumption of office, the Osamagbe led government, demanded to have the MOU(contract) reached/signed by the then Elecom Sec Gen; Oyakhire okun J.

Not being pleased by the agreement, we moved to terminate the contract on the grounds that Oyakhire Okun had no capacity to reach such agreement, and secondly, that it had failed to review the agreement as the students had not be benefiting from the insurance scheme, neither was the pricing and insurance benefits the best in market.

Acting on the above grounds, we invited other insurance companies to tender competitive bids. The following companies tendered bids: Allianz Insurance, and Others with the following pricing; N2500 and above.

Seeing that they were faced by stiff competition, Capital Insurance Company, came up with another proposal which is as follows;

Accident Victims – N50,000(fifty thousand naira only)
Permanent disability – N500, 000(five hundred thousand naira)

Death N500,000(five hundred thousand naira)
And Premium increased from N500 to N1000. Still, we retained the clause in the contract, that 5% of the entire premium goes to the SUG account to finance her projects.

We must at this point state that being the best offer(bid) received from the companies, we took same.

The other companies had premiums as high as N2,500 as their least priced; Allainz insurance. We shall be releasing documents to that effect.

Therefore, for clarity purposes the following are untrue:
1. That the president was paid 2 Million Naira(2,000,00:00k) is fallacious, a blatant lie, and an attempt to drag his person and the union into false allegation capable which are off shoots of dirty tricks and politics.

We now therefore dare our accusers to release evidence of payment regarding the amount paid to the president by the insurance company or anyone at all!

The facts that are clear are that;
1. we have decided to ignore the atrocities committed under the watch supervision, and active participation of Prof Don Ahkilome to slid should not be taken for stupidity.

2. That the writeup prompting this response tried vehemently to paint Prof. Don Ahkilome and the leadership of the then Elecom as saints shows beyond peradventure that there is a desperate attempt to bring down this government, hide the atrocities of the previous administration and lastly to cause unrest and confusion within the student community of Ambrose Alli University.

This government inherited the sum of N1,160,000(One Million, One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira) from Prof. Don led Elecom and SUGAAC. Whereas, we have 34,300(thirty four thousand, three hundred) active students and an estimated over N33,000,000(Thirty Three Million Naira) for the session where we had no SUG, no executive or parliamentary arm. The question that begs for answer is what happened to these funds? This is excluding the N1,800,000(One million eight hundred thousand naira) paid by the insurance company as highlighted above, nor the rents paid by buttery owners and many more which cannot be mentioned via this platform.

We therefore use this medium to notify the entire student community of the existence of the student insurance scheme. The details of the benefit of this scheme are as follows;

Accidents victims – N50,000(to cover medical expenses)
Permanent disability – N500,000
Death – N500,000.

The procedure for accessing these insurance benefits are as follows; in the event of any of the occurrences touching on the insurance benefit (death, accident, or permanent disability) kindly visit the Students Affairs division Under the Dean of Students to get the insurance benefit forms.

Below is a document to that effect;


Once again we wish to reassure all students of Ambrose Alli University that the Osamagbe led union is more than ready and capable to continually protect the interest of her students.

Greetings Comrades!

Ngozichukwu Jeremiah
Dir. of Information, SUG

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