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List of World’s Top Ten Richest Animals with Net Worths In Millions Of Dollars
Are you an Animal lover? Have you ever kept pets so long they are regarded as members of the family? Have you ever wondered how rich an animal could be? Do you know that there are animals whose annual tax returns are in millions of dollars? Do you know that some of these animals have human employees?

Yes, there are such beasts in the world who are millionaires as they inherited huge sums of money their masters bestowed on them. It may seem ridiculous to most of us but there are people out there who hold their pets in such high regard that when they die they are willing to leave a fortune to them. These animals are considered to be more fortunate than most humans because they enjoy the best luxuries of the world. Some of the figures here might have changed and you may not find them on Forbes or exclusively on wiki but the word out there is pretty strong.

Below is a countdown of the world’s top ten richest animals:

  • 10. BUBBLES (Chimpanzee):
  • Coming in at Number 10 is Michael Jackson’s beloved pet chimpanzee ‘Bubbles’, whom the King of Pop called his first son. As close as two friends could be, Bubbles apparently slept in Jackson’s bedroom in a crib, ate at the dining room table, and would use Jackson’s own toilet.

Net Worth: $2 million

  • 9. FLOSSIE (Dog):
  • At Number 9 is Actress- Drew Barrymore’s Pet Labrador. Drew rescued her Yellow Labrador Flossie at a flea market. As if returning the favour, Flossie saved Barrymore and her then-husband Tom Green from a fire in the couple’s home. As a reward for Flossie’s bravery, the dog is now the proud owner of an estate in Beverly Hills, which she shares with Barrymore.

Net Worth: $3 million

  • 8. GIGOO (Bird):
  • Believe it or not, the 8th richest animal in the world is a domestic hen. This bird belonging to Miles Blackwell was given a huge sum in his will. His wife having died before him apparently left him without an heir and he left the remainder of his money to the next available living thing. (Ndi ocha! smh)

Net Worth: $10 million

  • 7. TROUBLE (Dog):
  • A Pet Maltese occupies the Number 7 position. Leona Helmsley, who passed away in 2007 was the wife of New York City hotel operator and investor Harry Helmsley. Leona disinherited her two grandchildren and left her entire fortune to her pet dog-Trouble.

Net Worth: $12 million

  • 6. BLACKIE (Cat):
  • Also known as Tommasso and nicknamed the ‘Don Tommassino of the Animal Planet’ by yours truly, is a Feline of Italian descent. Known as the richest cat in the world, Blackie inherited millions of dollars from her owner Ben Rea. Again the owner completely bypassed his living relatives, leaving them out in the cold while securing the future of his favourite pet. Blackie is now listed in the Guinness book of world records as the Richest cat in the world .

Net worth: $25 million

  • 5. LUKE, LAYLA & GRACIE (Dogs):
  • Don’t mind the human names, they are definitely dogs. These Pampered Pooches belong to no other than the money-bag of the Entertainment Industry-‘Oprah Gail Winfrey’ and have bequeathals in tens of millions of dollars. Lucky animals i must say, to have caught Her Majesty’s fancy.

Net Worth: $30 million

  • 4. KEIKO (Whale)93-’03: Wao! A sea animal made the top four. Keiko is unique in so many ways. He is not only rich, he is also famous. He also stands out because, unlike the others listed here, he didn’t inherit money, He earned it. The killer whale is the star of Simon wincer’s 1993 box office success “Free Willy”. He was picked up from a simple theme park and has never since looked back. This mammal amassed a fortune many humans would kill for from payments and donations.

Net Worth: $36 million

  • 3. KALU (Chimpanzee):
  • Yea! another Chimpanzee made the list, though not as popular as Bubbles but far far wealthier. Judging from his name, this ape could be of Nigerian descent(kidding). Kalu was rescued in 1985 by Patricia O’Neill, wife of former Olympic swimming star-Frank O’Neill. Frank has never been much of a fan of the chimp, and still holds a grudge after he found Kalu smoking one of his cigarettes and drinking his beer. In 2000, Patricia changed her will so that Kalu would inherit her Cape Town estate worth tens of millions of dollars.

Net Worth: $80 million

  • 2. TOBY (Dog):
  • Did someone just say Dog again! Yea, Dogs are definitely dominating this list. They are man’s best friends after all. This Poodle coming in second is not a direct heir to a human. He is a descendant of a poodle that inherited $30 million in 1931 after the death of his New York owner-Ella Wendel. Apparently the money was well invested by the dogs and the family of the dogs as Toby now has a fortune that dwarfs the original amount.

Net Worth: $90 million

  1. GUNTHER IV (Dog):
    Comfortably occupying the Number one spot is another canine whom i’v dubbed the ‘Four- Legged Carlos Slim’. This German Shephard lives a life many humans dream of. Mansions, Cars, Human staff….name it. Gunther IV, like Toby, is also not a direct heir. The millionaire dog inherited the huge amount from his father Gunther III, who received the amount from its owner-Karlotta Liebenstein after she passed away. This dog is presently richer than many celebrities world over. Among Gunther’s acquisitions are Estates in the Bahamas, Germany and Italy as well as Madonna’s Miami home. In 2001, Gunther appeared with two members of his staff at an auction in Turin-Italy, where he successfully bid three million Lira for a rare white truffle in a bidding war. His wealth keeps growing as he has properly invested in trust funds and other ways to increase his income. This Fella gat so much swag he shud be signing autographs.

Net Worth: $400 million

So, two Chimps, a Whale, a cat, a Hen and Doggies sum up the top ten richest animals in the world.
Isn’t that interesting

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